5 Golf Tips from the Pros

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Now take your left hand and put the pad of your hand on the top of the club and close your fingers around the club.

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Got that? Another golf tip for beginners worth knowing focuses on putting— specifically, your set up to putting. The putting stroke resembles a pendulum. Back and forth. Same speed back as forward, regardless how long or short your putt is. To achieve this pendulum swing, your shoulders must be level.

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Keep those shoulders square and make sure your putter is aligned with your forearm. Having a proper set up on the greens is going to allow you to make far more putts. The next golf tip for you beginners is about chipping. Even the best of players miss the green from time to time. You will too. Having a good short game is a sure-fire way to lower your score. Again, you need to be properly set up to execute quality recovery shots. Your wedge has built in loft to help get the ball in the air and out of the thick grass. Let the club do its job. If you have the ball too far back in your stance, you automatically decrease the loft on your club.

Not good. Instead, move the ball to the center of your stance and have your weight a little forward. This lets the club do the work. Moving softly through the grass and getting the ball in the air much higher so you can land in the on the green and let it roll to the flagstick. But these golf tips for beginners can help get you there if you put in the work. There are few greater sensations in golf than watching one of your majestic iron shots soar through the sky towards the green, and landing safely close to the hole.

A well struck iron is poetic in its beauty. Ideally, you want the sweet spot of the club hitting the ball at the absolute bottom of your swing arc. The ball will sit a little forward of center in your stance with your weight about 60 percent on your front foot.

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As you swing the club back, you still want your weight distribution to remain the same. Keep your weight balance at and strike the ball on a descending blow. Now hold that finish and watch your shot soar. The final golf tip for beginners I have is about your driver.

5 golf tips from the pros

You may only use it times a round, but it sets the tone for the hole. In fact, hitting the driver well can set the tone for your entire round.

A poor drive can bring all sorts of numbers into play. Hence, these golf balls are suitable for those high handicappers who want more response and control and a softer feel. You will get 12 balls per pack, which are available in different colors.

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  • Their soft feel and stable flights will allow you to excel quickly in the game. They are perfect for high handicappers as they offer less spin, which results in a straight flight and more confidence around the green. Furthermore, its ionomer cover with a premium construction ensures a low compression with a softer feel. As compared to the other models of this brand, the cover of these balls are 11 percent thinner and have 12 percent lower compression, which allows less spin for straighter and more controlled shots.

    Although they are a bit expensive, they will work perfectly for you on the golf course. This is because the two-piece titanium core helps maximize energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball so that the ball spins less and reaches longer distances. The DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover claims to offer excellent elasticity and resistance to scratches. You also get a low-compression structure, which gives a soft feel and increases your confidence around the green.

    Also, the bright orange color will make it easier for you to find the ball in the air or on the ground.

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    • While these golf balls are pretty inexpensive, they do not offer much in the way of durability. If you are wondering how to find a perfect ball for your needs and what features you need to consider while shopping for balls, this portion will explain it to you all. We have listed down the factors which should play a significant role in your decision-making process:. Of course, the amount of money you are ready to pay can have a more significant impact on your decision-making process. You need to finalize your budget before heading out to buy the best golf balls for high handicappers.

      It will allow you to narrow down your options and prevent you from wasting your time on balls that are out of your reach. If you are passionate about this game and want to experience an exceptional game, going a bit expensive might get you the best ball. The construction of the ball is a crucial factor to consider when buying the perfect golf ball. The exact number of layers that you want will depend on what kind of shots you are looking to make. For high handicappers, two or three layers are recommended as they will provide more distance as well as a little spin.

      Again, the type of shots you are looking to make will dictate your choice of cover. If you prefer lower and straighter flights, a Surlyn-covered ball is a way to go.

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      On the other hand, golf balls with a urethane cover tend to provide more backspin with less control. To get the distance you want, you will again need to consider the number of layers in the construction of the ball. The fewer the layers, the more distance you will get.

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      Two-layered balls will usually give you the desired distance and will spin less without requiring you to hit them with a lot of force, allowing you to improve your performance. Dimples decrease the impact of air pressure by reducing the coverage area of the ball. This aspect also impacts the distance that the ball can reach. If you go for wide and shallow dimples, the ball would be able to reach long distances with fewer backspins.

      There is often a trade-off between the distance and spin provided by the ball. Hence, if you want more spin, you will get less distance and vice versa. Balls with more layers and deeper dimples will provide more spin. Most users recommend these golf balls for high handicappers as they are soft and offer long distances.

      Many even compared them to the leading golf balls in the market, which further highlights the great performance of these balls. However, as mentioned above, many also complain about the colors wearing off. Most users have loved these balls due to their consistent flights and great control around the green.

      Many customers liked these balls due to their ability to stay straight and reach long distances. Even average swingers were able to achieve straight flights with consistency. The colors of these balls are considered a plus point, but their hardness does not win the hearts of many golfers. If you can move past that, you should know that many users loved these balls for the distance and feel they provide. Most players claim that these balls are expensive but offer value for money. They cover a long distance with reduced spin.