A Superstitious Christmas (A Grandberry Falls Prequel Novella)

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When he's not busting myths, Tory's busy dreaming up his own ideas for films and TV shows. King Arthur. A professional actor and musician, Beranek is slated to star in the film, Cause and Effect. Beranek resides in Los Angeles, CA. Berry Mark F. Berry's articles on all facets of prehistoric beasties in movies and television have enlivened such publications as Filmfax, HorrorShow, Prehistoric Times, Horror Biz, and CreatureScape, but his magnum opus thus far is undoubtedly The Dinosaur Filmography, a complete, comprehensive history of "dino- cinema," now available in an unabridged but more affordable softcover edition.

Years of research, highlighted by new and exclusive interviews with special effects luminaries Ray Harryhausen, Jim Danforth, Phil Tippett, Stan Winston, Roger Dicken, Jim Aupperle, and many more went into making The Dinosaur Filmography the most informative and fun-to-read chronicle of the dinosaur genre, ever. Cast and credits, plot summaries, full-length reviews, production tales and making-of anecdotes, and the fascinating secrets behind the special effects, all presented in an engaging, eminently readable style.


And pictures! To the fun, excitement and inspiration of the science fiction pulps? It's just been resting. Landis, R. She is a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and HypnoBirthing instructor with many years of experience. She considers herself to be a geek from a long line of geeks. Dee can't remember a time when she couldn't read, and her first non-PBS favorite television show was Project U. She enjoys roleplaying games and has used hypnosis to accent the fun of gaming.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters, and two pets. For her role in Farscapc, Claudia was nominated Best Actress by Saturn Award in and , and won the award in She has appeared in the feature films Queen of the Damned and Pitch Black. Claudia also appears as Vala Mai Doran in Stargate SG-I as a regular cast member starting in season 10; she portrayed the same character in one season eight episode "Prometheus Unbound" and eight season nine episodes. TJolly Black Holly Black is the bestselling author of contemporary fantasy novels for teens and children.

Holly has since written two other books in the same universe, Valiant , and the sequel to Tithe, Ironside Ironside was a New York Times bestselling title, debuting at number 5. Bob Blackwood Dr. Bob Blackwood and Dr. In the last ten years, Dr. Bob has attended a variety of science fiction and film events.

Blackwood's degree is in English Literature from Loyola University, and he took early retirement from Wright College, one of Chicago's city colleges, in , where he taught film study, photography, science fiction, and other literature and English courses. And he and John Flynn are working on another book about James Bond films. She has over 20 years of personal pageant competition and judging experience. A three-time national pageant queen and former Ms. She is proud to return to the annual Miss Klingon Empire pageant for the 5 th time as an official judge, having seen it grow from a few dozen spectators to its current status as one of America's ten most unusual and unique pageants, as featured by Fox TV.

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A college graduate at age 15 from Columbia College and Miss America certified judge, she has helped coach five national queens and numerous state winners. An avid animal rescue advocate, Autumn-Skye has since completed a post-baccalaureate degree and works full time as an industrial accident investigator for several states, in addition to her duties as a pageant director and coach.

A loyal Trekker ever since seeing Captain Kirk's "Trouble with Tribbles" episode, Autumn-Skye also enjoys competitive roller- skating, photography, gaming, and watching really cheesy sci-fi movies every week with her family and friends. She refuses to wear red shirts to any public events. John E. Bradford Iffichael Brady Dr. SEI is an aerospace engineering and consulting firm located just outside of Metro Atlanta specializing in providing quick and unbiased analyses of advanced space concepts ranging from space launch vehicles, to lunar architectures, to deep space missions.

Michael Brady, an actor based out of North Carolina, recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of adding his voice to animation when he broke into the anime industry as a voice actor. He has been heard in such productions as Blue Submarine No. A fan of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and animation, Michael eventually found himself no longer attending conventions as a fan, but participating as an industry professional. Talking with fans about voice acting, the anime industry in general, or his interests as a fan are some of his favorite things to do at a con, so his panels are always entertaining.

Now eligible for entry into the Screen Actor's Guild, he has recently completed several short films. A behind-the-scenes look at the adaptation of Stephen King's "Sorry, Right Number" and Michael's participation in it can be found at www.

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Tom Braidwood Born September 27, , in British Columbia, Tom Braidwood holds degrees in theatre and film and has worked in both media since The majority of his resume credits involve producing and directing — most recently and perhaps most successfully his association with the CBC series, Da Vinci's Inquest. He was a producer for the series' second season, which was rewarded with both a Leo and a Gemini award for Best Dramatic Series. Braidwood also directed or co-directed several episodes and even appeared in one episode as a used-car lot owner.

After the X-Files run in Vancouver, he worked on the third season of Millennium, directing the second unit, and has focused his energies on directing since. In a couple of movies on which he worked, Harry Tracy and My American Cousin, he appears onscreen momentarily, but he is best known for his role of lone gunman Melvin Frohike on The X-Eiles. She is hot. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she wreaks havoc and mayhem to use for her autobiographical comic strip.

Her comic is published through Silent Devil and is carried throughout the world by flying monkeys. So if you see a small redhead feminist in flame boots, beware, for she may be a panty acolyte. He co-created the Fading Suns science fiction game universe for Holistic Design and has written a couple novels based on game worlds.

He has also contributed to the scripts for a number of computer games. John has also penciled comics for Marvel and created storyboards and comps for advertising clients. For a decade, he was art director at Holistic Design where he oversaw the visual design of the Fading Suns universe.

John is also part of the leadership committee of the Mythic Imagination Institute, and he provides graphic design services for the Mythic Journeys conferences. The author was a practicing attorney for many years but now writes full-time. He lives with his wife, Judine, in the Pacific Northwest. Fiona Broome Fiona Broome is the founder and lead paranormal investigator of Hollow Hill, one of the Internet's oldest and most respected ghost websites.

Broome is well- known for her paranormal research in the U. Her true ghost stories appeared in Weird Hauntings Sterling Books, She's an authority on "low tech" ghost hunting techniques, and teaches workshops in ghost photography.

The Encyclopedia of Christian Literature, Volume 2: Biographies H-Z

She's regularly interviewed on international radio shows such as Now That's Weird! His best known color-comics work is his Marvel Comics collaboration with writer Steve Engelhart on the supernatural hero, Doctor Strange, in Marvel Premiere from to and in Doctor Strange vol. Also for Marvel, Brunner adapted Robert E. Howard's sword- and-sorcery pulp fiction hero, Conan the Barbarian, in the page story, "The Scarlet Citadel," and drew many covers for the related series, Red Sonja and Savage Sword of Conan.

Brunner and novelist Michael Moorcock collaborated on a comics adaptation of Moorcock's sword-and-sorcery hero, Elric, in Heavy Metal magazine.

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Brunner briefly returned to comics in the mids as artist on the First Comics title, Warp! He wrote and drew the graphic novel, Tlie Seven Samuroid , a science- fiction takeoff of the movie classic, Seven Samurai. He was the head of character design for the Fox animated series, X-Men. Some 48 years ago, he was born in Fort Benning outside Columbus, Georgia.

Christmas Time

After a number of years of Army service during Vietnam, Stan spent the next few decades on the corporate ladder in the mundane world. Self-employed since , Stan has pursued his lifelong passion for art, particularly in the Fantasy and SF genres. Over the years, Stan has become a well-known graphic illustrator. Davis, and women such as Rosina Tucker, a lifelong civil rights activist, and Margaret Bush Wilson, a civil rights attorney.

In , James was diagnosed with a detached retina, which threatened his eyesight. After recovering, and at age 45, James wrote and drew his first comic book, "Detached" about the experience, and the fear and doubts that were connected with it. Dead," a supernatural tale of death, love, computers, and an ancient, evil book. Patrick Burns Ghosts have always captivated paranormal investigator Patrick Burns's interest the most. To investigate alleged hauntings, Burns uses a variety of scientific tools, including chart recorders, digital thermometers, audio recorders, infrared cameras, and instruments that can detect minute changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

He founded the Ghost Hounds Paranormal Investigators Network in , and in just five years, Ghost Hounds has established itself as one of the top paranormal destinations on the web and is the largest paranormal research group in the southeast United States. He co-stars in Court TV's hit investigative series, Flaunting Fvidence, which premiered in June of and was Court TV's second highest-rated primetime series for that quarter.

The program's second season premiered June, Burns is also a videographer and the producer, director, host, and creator of Flaunted, an original web-based documentary series. When not chasing specters through haunted houses, Burns is a computer and technology enthusiast, photographer, and an avid SCUBA diver. He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and two sons. Luckily for us, that all turned out to be perfect training for the world of MythBusters.

After graduating, Kari began her career as an artist, working in sculpture and painting, and holding successful exhibitions at some of San Francisco's leading galleries. Her sculpting skills then led her into the world of model-making and toy-prototyping: a job with Jamie Hyneman at M5 Industries.

It was here that Kari got her first big break with the Mythbusters team. During the "vacuum toilet" segment of one of the first episodes which examined whether a person could get suctioned into an airline toilet , Jamie needed a 3-D scan of a person's backside, and Kari had the right Basically, she was in the right place at the right time. The rest is history although we'd be remiss if we overlooked Kari's former job experience working in a kosher bagel store and posing as a store mannequin to foil shoplifters.

An erratic fencer and knife thrower, Kari has been chased by machine-gun-toting Egyptian police for painting a mural in Dahab, has trekked in the Himalayas, and has scuba-dived in most of the world oceans. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Properties Group. Epic has created multiple million-selling, award-winning titles in its Unreal series, and its latest game, Gears of War, broke sales records on Xbox , selling more than 3 million copies worldwide in the first ten weeks and winning Gamespot's overall "Game of the Year" award.

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Michael serves on the board of directors of the International Game Developers Association, the professional organization for game developers. He also serves on the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, which is charged with recognition of outstanding achievement in the entertainment software community. A departmental honoree in mathematics and creative writing, Professor Capps graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Carolina.

He holds master's degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of North Carolina and MIT, and a doctorate in computer science from the Naval Postgraduate School. It was at that time that Corey decided that was what he wanted to do.