Love to the Millionth Power

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Associated Press September 30, Remember how one age ends and another begins? When a critical mass—the hundredth monkey Or the millionth circle—tips the scales,A new era will be ushered in And patriarchy will be over. On January 21, , pink pussy-hatted women marched in Washington DC, and in cities all over the world. It was a peaceful resistance to the inauguration of Trump and what he stands for— between five and six million women and supporters marched in cities. It was the largest resistance march in history. The MeToo movement caught fire at year end.

Love To The Millionth Power

Like the marches, this also was started by an email—and was responded to by individual women who felt compelled by an inner impetus to speak out, just as individuals learned about the marches and showed up. This kind of latitude is rare for female characters. Eve is not put through her paces but rather rockets to the front of the class, time and again.

Love to the Millionth Power - by near-death survivor, Patricia Grabow |

But Killing Eve splits the difference with its canny mix of wish fulfillment and a possible future, giving us a vision of a women-centric world with the highest visibility of all: unapologetic power. What if systemic imbalances and microaggressions were recognized and acknowledged with a perfectly arched eyebrow and a well-timed one-liner?

What if workplace leadership was meaningfully all-women, three levels deep? What if the men in our lives actually supported us, and the privileged prep-school bro was seen as the joke that he is?

In the world of Killing Eve , the women are front and center, unapologetic in their power, the way they call out existing unfair power structures, and their ambitions for the future. Every dollar we receive from readers goes directly into funding our journalism. Become a supporter today. Women and Power TV Gender.

Your financial support helps us continue to cover the policies, social issues, and cultural trends that matter, bringing the diversity of thought so needed in these times. Facebook Twitter Email Share.

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