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You dont even touch your laptop without that idea. So with films, writing a film is the last thing, you need to figure out if your idea is strong enough or not? Whether itll work or not, and if it is strong enough, it will naturally lend itself to your entire film. It will easily translate into your plot, subplot and even dialogues. Juhi At Work - pic via indianexpress. So my home is where I write. I am quite particular about timing though, so from morning to 2 pm is one slot, then my daughter comes back from school so I am busy with that and then I write at night.

I dont necessarily write all the time but I spend at least mins everyday on my laptop. I start writing the film properly only when I have the all the details of all my characters. When that is done, it means there is nothing else to do but start writing the film. And then it takes months to. The time before writing the film is the longest though. Knowing the characters very thoroughly helps in writing, the dialogues come very naturally and everything flows very fluidly. On Vicky Donor I never really sat down to think of an idea.

Its just that when you arent under pressure of any kind, that ideas start flowing. So one evening, when I was sitting and it came to me, that there's this guy who goes around donating sperms and cant have a child of his own. And at that time it sounded very funny and quirky. But later on, the more I thought about it, the clearer it became to me that the bigger picture was the desire to have a child.

The whole film, at one level is Vickys film but on a bigger level, its about parenthood, the desire to have a child and inspite of having so many options today, theres still an urge to bear a child of your own. So the sanctity of the subject for Vicky Donor had to be maintained even in writing.

I had to steer away from cheap dialogues or any sort of obscenity. I had discussed all the characters of Vicky, the mother, the doctor and others with Shoojit and then went back to writing. So he didnt have an idea about the dialogues and intricacies of it. The first draft is the backbone and then from there all the ideas develop, everybody starts discussing whether we are on the same page and then everybody starts giving inputs and it gets fired up.

There is an open conversation about new ideas and whether they would fit in or not. So the draft is quite necessary.

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You have to create a family and determine what will work, whether in a family not having a mother will work better or the other way round. It also comes from my own personal experiences, my family, and the people around me. But you cant restrict yourself to just that. Then at a certain time you will exhaust that also.

So, after a point you also need to let the story drive it. The character of the household help - Bhudan at Pikus house also has a background. Pikus mother must have brought him along when she got married and now he has adjusted to life in Delhi. He must have been very young when he was sent to help with the house, so for him, hes not a.

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And thats why there is a certain kind of arrogance in his character which wouldnt be there otherwise in a servant. It always happens that your writing is inspired by what you see around you and your experiences with people always help with your characters. I think its good that this happens because it gives your character a lot of depth. In Vicky Donor, it helps to even know my character from 2 generations back. Even if his father and grandfather arent seen, you know that they are refugees since they are living in Lajpat Nagar and they have had a hard life and been through hell after partition and started from zero in Delhi.

And that is why Dollys character is the way it is and her emotions are a certain way. And one of the important things is the socio-economic background of the character, the caste and region they come from- whether your character is Bengali or Tamil or whether they have grown up in UP or Delhi or wherever. This is mostly because there are very specific traits that are peculiar to the people of certain region or caste. It influences the characters. Even Bhaskor from Piku is a learned Bengali Brahmin man who has been exposed to Tagore, Vivekananda and a lot of other literature that shows through his character.

My characters arent playing to any stereotypes. When you see the film, you may never realise that I have built an entire back story for that character. The caste is just one aspect of it, their schooling or childhood is important too. To make the character convincing, I need to have all this knowledge.

These things would never even show in the film but this is what builds the characters. I think it all comes down to how sensitive you are and whether you can handle those emotions and you also need to be interested enough in your characters to develop them to that extent. Talking about the scene from Vicky Donor where Beeji and Dolly are drinking together, for me, Beeji complaining about not getting dowry from Dollys family is her being a typical saas From a typical Punjabi mentality, their son is everything and the daughter-in-law is show-off material.

For the mother-in-law, its about the pride that this is what my daughter-in-law has got for me! So here, Beeji is telling Dolly that you havent got anything and they share the relationship that they can tell each other these things freely.

So, I think its doesnt matter whether a woman is writing these characters or a man is, you just need to be involved enough. I think films dont do well because its a female centric film or male centric film.

They should do well because of what they convey. Films like 'Children of Heaven' are neither female nor male centric, they are just beautiful stories. We very easily typecast ourselves and then get stuck in that.

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So, I think the conversation shouldnt be whether its about a man or a woman. It should simply be about the beauty of the story and what it conveys and if its strong enough to be made into a film. Read Free For 30 Days. Vicky Donor Screenwritter. Description: vickkky. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Ravi Raz. Popular in Cinema. Les Yeux Ouverts. DIG Adam Barker After his villainous father-in-law kidnaps his daughters, Sol, a tough-as-nails mountain man, travels across the frigid Appalachian mountains seeking vengeance. When he is interrupted by a Japanese man who has had second thoughts about his own suicide, and is trying to find his way out of the forest, the two begin a journey of reflection and survival. Management: Benderspink Manager: Jake Wagner. When an orphan is taken to the magical world of Neverland, he becomes a hero to the natives and leads a revolt against the evil pirates.

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