Stark Raving Obedience: Radical Results from Listening Prayer

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He not only brought it out to the light of day, He cleansed her of it. He rid her of its guilt and shame. He freed her from it.

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Jesus does not reveal sins that He does not intend to forgive. Only Jesus knows your deepest sins. He knows you inside and out. And, only Jesus can and will forgive that sin. And He will! Suppose it is. There are two different ways his journey across it could be viewed: One could see his journey as a float down the river that crosses the wilderness. This would be the view of religious predestinationists and secular naturalism-determinists. When one takes a kayak float trip down a river, he does not even determine the direction he will go.

The current of the river determines that. The terrain through which he passes, the flora and fauna he sees, the other people he encounters, and even the in-river obstacles he faces, are all determined by the preset path of the river. Another view of crossing that wilderness, the correct view, in my opinion, is one of a hike. This being a true wilderness, there are no trails for the trek.

Stark Raving Obedience

How incredibly daunting! Although there are parameters, set features, obstacles, and landmarks to the land, the direction, turns, and path are left to the choices of the hiker. His path across the wilderness will be the result of his free will choices—which direction, which turn, etc. Each person given life is faced with this wilderness and the free-will to choose his path across it. Again, how daunting. How well can that possibly turn out? How despairing. What if he is given a compass, a map, and a guide? Any of these by themselves would be quite helpful.


But, together, they form a formidable help and hope. A compass is good. It helps one establish direction. It keeps one from wandering in aimless circles. A compass is better with a map. A compass used for triangulating can help one establish where he is on the map.

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The map then shows the topography, the landmarks, the dangers, etc. One thing better than a compass and map is a guide too. A guide, beyond explanation of and confirming commentary about the compass and map, walks with you. He reminds you to follow the compass and map. He points out things you missed on the map.

He even encourages you about discouraging features and distances. The one who faces his journey of life as a believer in Christ finds he has these three things to give help and hope. We choose our path, but, thank God, we are not left to go the journey on our own. I cannot imagine why so many are trying to. Everything seems to happen so randomly.

This seems true particularly of the opposite ends of the spectrum of human experience—tragedy and boon, suffering and pleasure, despair and delight. Tragedy seems to hit randomly. But, so does unexpected fame and fortune. Several years ago, at a holiday dinner our family engaged in an animated and fiery debate of whether there is any such thing as random. I remain UNconvinced that random is random.

Once Deebot is turned on, she takes off in a seemingly random direction. Yet, that direction is determined by the placement of her base, or by where her owner has carried and placed her. She plows forward over the carpet until she encounters a wall, a piece of furniture, a crawling baby, a foot, a book—you get the picture. Then, she turns and seems to take off randomly in a different direction. Admittedly, if you look at the pattern she leaves on the carpet, it looks like her perambulations have been random. Yet, her every turn and change of direction has been determined.

First, the very parameters of the room have determined the range of her movements. Each object that stands in her path demands she change direction. Once she collides with a wall or other object, the next direction she travels is determined by which of her bumpers has experienced the impact. Neither is life random. This analogy should not be used to promote godless determinism; nor, should it be used to promote predestination—the belief that God has chosen and fixed the destination of each individual.

We humans are not Deebot robots. We are not pre-programmed. We have free-will. God does not force our choices. Even with free-will in the equation, the will, purposes, and plan of God will happen.

The Early Stuart Church, 1603–1642

God is sovereign. God is in control over all things, especially the events of our lives, the extent of our lives, the exigencies of our lives. This truth is the theme and key to understanding the Book of Revelation. The Revelation was not given to help folks figure out the name of the antichrist. It was given to suffering Christians to encourage them in their suffering with the fact that God was sovereign.

Book Review: Stark Raving Obedience - Author Peter DeHaan

God was in control. Whether tragedy or triumph, the events of our lives are not random. All is not random.

All is ruled by God. Just now, Deebot got stuck. She protested with fervent beeps. My wife just went and rescued her, freed her, set her at home base to be recharged and refreshed. Yet, my wife would not have at least not at that moment had Deebot not cried out.

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Cry out to God.