The Cop Who Saw Tom Mix: A Paranormal Mystery Comedy (A King Leary Short Story Book 1)

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This came to mind because the Happy Hollisters books are mysteries in the same sense that the Bobbsey Twins books are mysteries! Before , approximate. So glad to see this request -- I have been looking for this same book for ages! I read it in , and it was not new then. The girl in the book is quite sickly, and she worships her big brother, the captain of the clipper ship.

The title might be the name of the ship. I too have been looking for this book forever! It's New York, not Boston, and Cousin Andy, not Lissa's brother -- but he definitely brings her the mini-croquet set, and it is a mystery. How lovely to finally own this favorite book of my childhood! A longshot, but there is an incident in this book in which the Nome King grows to a tremendous size and makes off with Ozma's palace on his head.

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The illustrations are by John R. Again, a bit of a longshot, but in "The Swing in the Summerhouse" there is a chapter called "The Man Castle" where Eddy finds himself inside his body as if inside a castle and must go up toward his head and awaken his senses. David Weisner, Free Fall, Was it a wordless picture book? Boy falls asleep reading and dreams of flying, almost MCEscher-esque bizarre juxtapositions and connections.

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Leila Berg, Fire Engine by Mistake. I think it might be this, or Berg's other book, The Little Car. Kornei Chukovsky, Crocodile. I can't tell you what edition to look for, or even precisely which fairy tale to look for there are a number which employ the three dresses, among them being "Donkeyskin" or the Grimm version of "Allerleirauh the Many Furred Creature " but I can tell you you're not going to figure it out looking under Cinderella. I'd widen your base to look at some fairy tale anthologies if I were you.

This book does not match in all particulars BUT.. Princess Furball by Charlotte Huck , matches the other details so well! The three balls, the three gorgeous gowns superior illustrations with unusual textures by Anita Lobel Great version of Cinderella!! See also the Back in Print page. The pictures were wonderful and I remember that Cinderella had 3 dresses because that was the only time I had seen that version of it.

One as bright as the moon, one as golden as the sun and I believe the first one was red. They were from Mc Calls. I believe the one with Cinderella had a pink cover. The other stories were just as wonderful. Be sure you look at the books on the Most Requested Antholgies page to see if any look familiar. Jane Werner ed. If "New Shoes" is actually "Choosing Shoes" About buying new shoes then this book fits in all particulars except Paul Klee artwork-but then again I am not exactly sure what Paul Klee bugs look like!

Check out this book at this site! Chris Crutcher, Stotan! This is a YA novel about a swim team. Don't remember anything about the word game This has to be much older than the 90s.

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I remember reading this story in either elementary school or junior high and I graduated from high school over Gasp! For some reason, I associate the story with the author of Follow My Leader. Did he write for textbooks or school readers? Any chance this was a short story and not a novel? This Scholastic anthology is from the right time and includes a story called High Diver , by John Ashworth. Franklin M. Reck, Thomas Y. Just to confirm that yes, this has got to be the short story?

The Diving Fool?! The new diving team member who?

The first-person narrator, a generous-spirited old team member who recruited him i. The new guy had bombed somewhat in his first meet a few weeks earlier.

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The nice old team member whom the coach keeps saying is good, but not performing up to his full potential does indeed psych his new fellow team member up again, terminology not used back then! It was decades later that I realized they were modifying the word? Anyway, what worked for the scared new kid worked for the other! By gosh if the old kid wasn? I even remember exactly the closing dialogue: The old kid says bewilderedly, stunned at his own success:?

I did what you wanted, Coach. I talked him into it? The coach interrupted him:? You talked yourself into it, you diving fool!? Wish all of us ever experiencing stage fright always had such a compatriot to talk us into the right frame of mind! In fact My sight-reading abilities, for instance, are really, really good. Sometimes I let nerves get in the way of the production of beautiful vocal tone, however!

I want a companion on hand at all times like the old team member in this story!

I couldn't find Snip the Tailor as part of an anthology, but I did find it as an individual book. It's by Miriam Blanton Huber Nisbet, French, Ltd. Sorry, don't think this is what you're looking for.

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I found a reference to Snip the Tailor in Index To Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends - 2nd Supplement, but I don't think it's the book you're looking for since it appears to be a school reader. Note: Wonder-story books reading foundation series. A good number of other tales were included in the reader. Byrd Baylor, The Chinese Bug , Could this be it? Illustrated by Beatrice Darwin. Wilbur, Richard, Digging for China , This picture book poem has illustrations by William Pene du Bois. Doubleday, I also vaguely remember a very small picture book about digging to China with illustrations and possibly the writing as well by Joan Walsh Anglund.

Hope this helps. A little earlier than the 's, but The Little Carpenter by?? Samuel Raynor, Series: New and true books for the young, no. Here is a link for Chinese Folk Tales. None of the books listed were the book I am looking for. I may have purchased it through a school book fair?? I'm just not sure. Please keep looking, thank you. Not a solution, but could it be an anthology of Japanese fairy tales, rather than Chinese?

The first story described sounds like the Japanese story The Crane Maiden , about an old woman who takes in a crane during a winter storm, the bird turns into a beautiful girl, and the woman raises her as her daughter. This is definitely an anthology of Japanese folk tales that you are looking for, not Chinese. The thief falls onto the wolf and each believes the other to be the "terrible eek. The date for Compton's retelling is too late for the anthology that you are looking for, but it sounds like basically the same story.

A lot of the details are different than the book described, but it's the only thing that came up in my database search of kangaroos and wars!

They were known throughout the world as the "Stoppers of the Great War". Lady Adelaide, a boxing kangaroo, helps to defeat the German army, thus becoming a heroine of the Great War. Alfred P. Morgan, Boys' Book of Science and Construction. Another possibility is N. Stout: Boys' Book of Mechanical Models, Windsor, editor, The Boy Mechanic Book 3 , They consist of articles with diagrams for building all kinds of things.