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The Package

You might keep HTML pages in one folder, images in another, and scripts or applications in yet another. Because software written in the Java programming language can be composed of hundreds or thousands of individual classes, it makes sense to keep things organized by placing related classes and interfaces into packages.

The Java platform provides an enormous class library a set of packages suitable for use in your own applications. Its packages represent the tasks most commonly associated with general-purpose programming. For example, a String object contains state and behavior for character strings; a File object allows a programmer to easily create, delete, inspect, compare, or modify a file on the filesystem; a Socket object allows for the creation and use of network sockets; various GUI objects control buttons and checkboxes and anything else related to graphical user interfaces.

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Change of Address For a small fee, you can change your address online in just a few simple steps. Change Your Address I don't want to receive mail at home. When you save a package profile, behind the scenes Landscape creates a Debian package with the specified dependencies and conflicts and gives it a name and a version. Every time you change the package profile, Landscape increments the version by one.

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If Landscape finds computers on which the package profile should be installed, it creates an activity to do so. That activity will run unattended, except that you must provide explicit administrator approval to remove any packages that the package profile wants to delete. You can export a package profile in order to use the same constraints it's set up for with a new package profile.

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  • Tick the check box next to the packages you want to export, then click Download as CSV. Tick the check box next to the packages you want to delete, then click Remove.

    Introduction to sharing packages—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop

    The package profile is deleted immediately, with no prompt to confirm the action. Packages are stored in repositories. A repository is simply a designated location that stores packages. Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. Legal information. Landscape Documentation Table of Contents 0. Landscape Documentation 1.

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    About Landscape and Canonical 2. Basic Concepts 3.